SomaLogic announces Paul Menter as VP and General Manager, Life Science Tools


SomaLogic, Inc. announced today that Paul Menter has joined the company as Vice President & General Manager, Life Science Tools. “I am delighted that Paul has joined SomaLogic to oversee our growing Life Science Tools business,” said Byron Hewett, Chief Executive Officer. “Paul’s unparalleled expertise in building and leading similar efforts at other world-class companies makes him the ideal person to help us ensure that our unique technology fully penetrates the life science marketplace.”

“I am excited to join the SomaLogic team and to help them develop and market the many exciting new research tools made possible by their breakthrough proteomics technology,” said Paul. “I look forward to working with my new colleagues to provide the life science community with powerful new solutions for biomarker discovery and drug development.“

In his new role, Paul will be responsible for overseeing the growth of SomaLogic’s current proteomics tools offerings, as well as the expansion in number and type of new tools available to life sciences researchers. Such tools include the SOMAscan™ assay (a way to measure >1100 proteins accurately and reproducibly in a small biological sample), SOMAmer® reagents (SomaLogic’s proprietary protein-binding molecules that are the equivalent of high-quality monoclonal antibodies), and specific “panels” to measure protein changes in more targeted biological pathways or physiological conditions.

Paul joins SomaLogic with more than 20 years of executive experience in the life science tools industry. He served most recently as General Manager, Bioseparations at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Dionex Corporation (prior to its acquisition by Thermo), where he was responsible for defining and developing growth opportunities in the biopharma market. Prior to joining Dionex, he served as a consultant, providing guidance in general management, strategic planning and market development to life science tools providers. Previously, Paul served as Division Manager, Laboratory Separations, at Bio-Rad Laboratories, responsible for the company’s protein separation and analysis business, and as Division Manager, North America Sales & Service for Bio-Rad’s life science tools business. Paul held a series of other roles during his tenure at Bio-Rad including Division, Business Unit and Marketing Management, and began his career in technical support and product management. Paul holds a B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Microbiology from Arizona State University.