Modified Aptamer-Based Proteomic Profiling for Predicting Early Mortality in Heart Failure Patients

Recorded Webinar

This webinar was originally recorded October 4th, 2016 on Modified aptamer-based proteomic profiling for predicting early mortality in heart failure patients.

Dr. Florence Pinet of the Pasteur Institute of Lille, France, gave a presentation on her work with the SOMAscan®assay to find predictive protein biomarkers for early mortality in heart failure patients.

Learning Objectives

  • Technology fundamentals and application
  • Cohort selection and description
  • Data Processing and Summary
  • Determining next steps


Presenter Information

Florence Pinet, Ph.D.

Dr. Pinet, a pharmacologist and research director at Inserm, leads a translational research team dedicated to finding valid biomarkers of heart failure. The team has previously used several proteomics and transcriptomics approaches dedicated clinical studies, and most recently have turned to SOMAscan in order to find proteins predictive of early cardiac mortality in heart failure patients.

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