SOMAmer Reagent Characterization Data

SomaLogic is committed to providing all SOMAscan assay users the most accurate and useful information possible about the binding specificity of each of the SOMAmer reagents in the current commercial version of the assay. Using the form below, you can access the complete set of characterization data we have at this time for individual SOMAmer reagents, a subset of reagents, or for all the reagents in the current assay. The data reported in response to your search are up-to-date, though we are periodically updating the data as we complete additional characterization studies. 

Our SOMAmer reagent characterization steps (binding assays, pull-downs, and/or mass spectrometry validation) are documented in the downloadable Technical Note Characterization of SOMAmer Reagents Binding Reagents Binding Specificity in the SOMAscan 1.3k Assay.  Our approach aligns with the guidelines being developed by the Global Biological Standards Institute for monoclonal antibody characterization and validation.

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