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SomaLogic launches SOMAmer Discovery Service, “SOMAmer Challenge”

SomaLogic announced today the launch of a new proteomics service offering aimed at providing its breakthrough protein-binding SOMAmer® reagents to the scientific community based on their specific needs in wide variety of different research uses. The SOMAmer Discovery Service team at SomaLogic will work closely with SomaLogic customers to develop and license “fit-for-purpose” SOMAmer reagents that strongly bind the customers’ proteins of interest, and function correctly in the particular assays they are performing with the reagents.

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Massachusetts General Hospital is newest SOMAscan™ assay site

SomaLogic, Inc. announced today that Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) will be the first Boston-area biomedical research center to perform on-site studies using the SOMAscan™ assay, a breakthrough proteomics platform that can measure more than a thousand proteins in a small amount of blood or other biological sample.

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SomaLogic joins UK Dementias Research Platform

SomaLogic announced today that is a launch partner of the Medical Research Council’s UK Dementias Research Platform, a $27 million public-private partnership set up to speed up research into dementias. The collaboration aims to enable earlier detection, improved treatment and, ultimately, prevention of the disease, by looking not just at what is going wrong in the brain, but at the brain in the context of the whole body.

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