Our Vision and Mission

We see a day when people worldwide receive regular insights to help them successfully manage their personal health and wellness.

SomaLogic uniquely delivers these actionable insights from the SOMAscan Platform, a health information system based on comprehensive protein measurements, to a global network of partners and users.

Our History

SomaLogic was founded in 2000 by Larry Gold, with the goal of improving the quality of life of every individual by transforming how health was assessed and managed, based on the precise measurement of changes in the body’s proteins.

Building on over two decades of innovative research, SomaLogic scientists have developed a new proteomics technology that makes protein measurement as straightforward as DNA measurement. This technological breakthrough opens up a deeper understanding of the molecular bases of health and disease, and empowers individuals to use their highly personalized protein information to manage their individual health and wellness in real time.

Today, SomaLogic has over 200 employees worldwide. It is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.